It is really amazing and a miracle. I have changed who I am. I am able to see the world in a different light.

Kim Sarubbi

Working together at a distance didn't feel like any distance at all. 

Helen Pengelly

I am grateful for the work that we have done with me in the past and the work that we will be doing in the future.

Wai Cheung

Quantum Reset with Sally Reid

One of the simplest, most profound processes that I have ever experienced.

Arlene Eckhert

Sally was one of those people who could answer the questions that I needed to have answered and really get to the core of what I needed to know. 

Malyssa Jackson

I am amazed by your ability to help people to get in touch with their bodies. 

Carol Quinn

I love working with Sally. She has helped me work through many blocks, relieve chronic pain and gain a much better understanding of myself.

Sally was able to give me insight to my life, that I would have never been able to discover without her. She has helped me understand the events that have transpired throughout my life to bring me to the point where I am now. In doing this I have gained acceptance for my past and my present. She has cleared away many stumbling blocks for me, and has unlocked my positive attributes to get me on a much healthier path. I walk with a new confidence. I would have been able to get to this place without her.


Janice Y.

She is simply amazing! Her insights were extremely helpful and I am thoroughly LOVING working with her!

Sally's gifts, intelligence, compassion, humor and authentic manner put her in a class all her own.

For two years I have been suffering from an undiagnosed physical condition on top of years of suppressed emotional trauma. The combination was paralyzing.

Since I began long-distance sessions with Sally, shifts have taken place physically, emotionally and mentally. I've gained a sense of calm and a renewed enthusiasm for my journey to wellness. The emotional weight I had been carrying for years is beginning to dissipate and, as a result, my body is beginning to heal. In addition to all of this, I am finally receiving valuable information regarding my health issue and what I can do to facilitate my return to optimal health. Invaluable!

Sally is an exceptional person with whom to work. I knew immediately she was going to be able to help my seemingly helpless situation - and I was right! I look forward to our ongoing sessions and would highly recommend her to anyone for any reason.


Tonya J.

What a gift she has! Sally was able to shine light on so many issues allowing me to be an active participant in my healing and the amazing part is that she did so in such a way that I did not have to relive anything unpleasant. She has an extraordinary intuitive ability and professional manner. I am grateful on all levels!


Rex B.

The genuine Article. One of the few.

I love how you break the rules in a fun and enthusiastic way.

Carol Quinn

Sally guided me through a patch of gnawing density that had been with me since childhood. Her energy healing sessions lightened the constraints that lead to the transformation of the entire creation. She's a marvel AND a delight to work with. I recommend her highly... not just for problems or issues, but general well-being and peace.


Mary Jack R.

Sally Reid is an incredible woman with a passion to help guide. No matter what may be your ailment at the time, she will be there to help. The first time we spoke, I was a bit lost. I had come to a point where I saw myself, as well as the world around me, and it was too much to comprehend. I ran across her number on the oft-chance of a google search. She not only gave me some advice but also shared her own gained wisdom with me. We spoke on the phone for a half hour that day. She's a busy woman yet she took that time out of the kindness of her heart to help guide me where I needed to be. About three months later, I contacted her to set an appointment. I started not knowing why I was there, but I left free of the past that has troubled me for so long. She took her time to make sure I had the balance needed to fulfill my true potential. For the first time, I truly felt free. My dad always told me, "If you don't choose your path, the world will; and the world doesn't always have your best interests at heart." Well, Sally has your best interests at heart.

This lady is the real deal. I HIGHLY recommend seeing her if you are currently in your search for truth.


Julie F. 

I'm feeling so much more empowered and happy! I want to thank Sally for her work and getting the gunk out. I feel measurably different. God bless her!


Mary Q.

It must be almost two years later since we started working together. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks. I have never felt better ever before in this life. I am happy on the inside. Thank you for helping me to get to this point. Without your special abilities, I may be still in pain.

I think I finally understand what you have been saying all along..... "When you can walk your talk, then it will come." 

Things are happening for the good in my life. Albeit on a snails pace, I am actually enjoying this journey and can't wait to keep discovering more.

Tiff T. 

I am forever grateful to Sally! When I first went to Sally I was looking for someone to give me an intuitive reading on what I was allergic to, as this is what the doctor told me. It was hard for me to breathe and I felt a lot of heaviness on my chest. It had gotten so bad that my heart was out of rhythm and I felt like I was having a heart attack several times. I wore those nose strips all the time trying to get some air. Anyway, Sally didn't see anything that I was allergic to, but she did see something else and that was that I had collected so much negative or bad energy from others that it was literally killing me. She released all of this bad stuff and I had never felt so light and able to breathe so easily for probably 25 years, also all of my heart issues have went away. This was absolutely amazing to me! I was also having some back pain that I had for 30 years that I know of, after she worked on me my back was pain free. I absolutely couldn't believe it. She is someone I just stumbled upon after searching for answers to my problems. I'm glad I found her and I am forever grateful.


Elissa R. 

Good morning. Sally.

Hope all is well for you.

Surgery was yesterday. No cancer and instead of right ovary it was my left like you said that had cysts. Thank you for following your heart and engaging your gifts. It is a blessing to know you.


Marie W.

 I had just received news that I was in need of a double root canal and rather than run with that diagnosis, I wanted to go deeper into the healing that obviously needed to occur.  A friend recommended Sally to me.
At first I was a bit skeptical as I rarely use distance healing, but Sally's frank explanation of her methods set me right at ease.  Within a few minutes of us begin the work, the pain from my teeth began to subside.  I felt as if a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders by the time our session was complete.  It has now been a couple of months and I am pleased to say the lightness has continued and the pain has not returned.  I highly recommend giving Sally's methods a try.


Dionne  A. 



Hi Sally,

Thought I should just let you know the wonderful effects of whatever you did to me since I saw you 3 days ago :

I have moved location to a beautiful house by a park for the next week.
The man I am in love with but didn't think loved me back has declared his love for me on a grand scale.
An email setting up a meeting with a big agent has come from the head of the LA office so I didn't have to chase anyone-now awaiting to go and see them.

I shall try and stay aligned and open- and hopefully come and see you again next week if possible for some more clearing up.

A wonderful experience!

Thank you -


Helene H. 

"Life changing. Genuine and true. Restored health where Western and Alternative medicine failed. So powerful, I gifted a friend with a visit. Not only the physical but the emotional and spiritual root cause was resolved. Heaven sent healing. An angel in earthly form. Like a hug from Mom."


Kevin C.