I breezed through the day and had a great sleep last night. Thank you!
— Judy B., Bermuda
Sally Reid is a special gift to this world!
She has a way of communicating and expressing her talents unlike anything I have ever experienced. She gave me closure and guidance but most of all confidence in her abilities.
Sally thank you for such a wonderful experience!
— Cory C, Utah
Hi Sally! Wow...powerful shift and new clarity unfolding forward from the session last Friday. Very grateful!
— Michael L. Knoxville
It must be almost two years later since we started working together. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks. I have never felt better ever before in this life. I am happy on the inside. Thank you for helping me to get to this point. Without your special abilities, I may be still in pain.

I think I finally understand what you have been saying all along..... “When you can walk your talk, then it will come.”

Things are happening for the good in my life. Albeit on a snails pace, I am actually enjoying this journey and can’t wait to keep discovering more.

Rejoicing in every moment - Happy Tuesday.
Thank you for being part of my life.
Sally Reid IS the real deal.
Her work is unencumbered by methodology and beliefs. She dives into the heart of the matter with passionate persistance (sic) .... and she gets results. I would highly recommend her for all of her services. I am changed for knowing her and for the work she has done. In all honesty Sally and her work are to be experienced and then, you to, will come to understand......
— Tracy, Nashville
Sally Reid is more efficient for losing weight than all the diets I have tried in years

I noticed I had a pattern of emotional eating.
When I was stressed or emotional I would habitually have deep cravings.
I could easily eat the whole bag of potatoes chips and ice cream package.
My cravings and urges were so bad I could literally eat the entire pizza pie trying to fill an insatiable hole
At times I was consumed thinking and coveting copious amounts of food

Well all I did was request of Sally Reid if she was able to help resolve this binge eating

Sally did a energy reading and healing over the phone
It was that simple

That was a couple months ago now I noticed a big difference...
I no longer have deep cravings or any desire to binge eat !
When I am full I just can’t eat any more...wow !

In fact, I have come into the awareness that I am now eating moderately !
I have now the awesome bonus of desiring healthy foods !
I am even turned off by the junk foods !

To my disbelief I keep weighting myself over and over
I say disbelief because I am making NO EFFORT whatsoever
Yet different scales say I have lost up to date over
14 pounds !

I call this NO EFFORT Weight Loss Strategy
“Sally Reid Diet
— Mimi in North Carolina
Good morning. Sally. Hope all is well for you. Surgery was yesterday. No cancer and instead of right ovary it was my left like you said that had cysts. Thank you for following your heart and engaging your gifts. It is a blessing to know you.
— Marie W. Nashville

"Life changing. Genuine and true. Restored health where Western and Alternative medicine failed. So powerful, I gifted a friend with a visit. Not only the physical but the emotional and spiritual root cause was resolved. Heaven sent healing. An angel in earthly form. Like a hug from Mom."

                                                                                                                                       -Kevin, Nashville

Hi Sally
I went to the doctor today for a 2nd opinion on ‘the blob’ in my abdomen, as suggested by the doctor 2 weeks ago who didn’t know what it was. Of course, meanwhile, I’d come to see you, worked on letting go of anger/betrayal, and shifted my heart and body. Not only did he not know what it was, it was GONE !! But of course, we knew that, didn’t we? I tried to explain I’d done some energy work and … didn’t get very far.
I also have had relief in my hip and overall I feel so much better.
I wanted you to know what a gift you are to me. Thank you.
See you again soon
— Judy, Nashville
You have mad skills! Thanks!
Joy B. Atlanta
Hi Sally,

I am very grateful for our paths crossing and getting a chance to meet you. I feel honored to have met you and you sharing a couple of your life experiences with me. I have been looking at Pema Chondron’ books and thinking about which one to read next.

I feel like the person that I use to be back when I was 18. I have felt so free and things that did upset me no longer bother me. I feel like I have a plan in place to help me fully reach freedom. The financial obstacles are the only things left to resolve and you have guided me in the right path.
— Janet M., Nashville

Sally, thanks again for taking the time to speak with me today-I feel as if a hundred pound weight has been lifted off of me!

--Dawn, -Western Canada

I just wanted to say thank you soooo much! I am so grateful!
— Katee, Cyberspace

"I feel healthy for the first time in years! ",

Mullerie M. Capetown, South Africa.

Hi Sally,

Thought I should just let you know the wonderful effects of whatever you did to me since I saw you 3 days ago :

I have moved location to a beautiful house by a park for the next week.
The man I am in love with but didn't think loved me back has declared his love for me on a grand scale.
An email setting up a meeting with a big agent has come from the head of the LA office so I didn't have to chase anyone-now awaiting to go and see them.

I shall try and stay aligned and open- and hopefully come and see you again next week if possible for some more clearing up.

A wonderful experience!

Thank you -Helene H. Nashville 1/16

Sally is an talented and powerful healer. Truly a pleasure meeting her, and receiving the benefit of her wisdom. ”

Woke up next day and went to the local ‘mall’ with Heather ,my wife, and realized that I was walking ‘taller’ and with a easier gait!! THANKS SO MUCH! Sitting in chairs erect is easier too.
— Roger, Cambridge, UK

— Donna S, Nashville 9/15

I had just received news that I was in need of a double root canal and rather than run with that diagnosis, I wanted to go deeper into the healing that obviously needed to occur. A friend recommended Sally to me.
At first I was a bit skeptical as I rarely use distance healing, but Sally’s frank explanation of her methods set me right at ease. Within a few minutes of us begin the work, the pain from my teeth began to subside. I felt as if a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders by the time our session was complete. It has now been a couple of months and I am pleased to say the lightness has continued and the pain has not returned. I highly recommend giving Sally’s methods a try.
— Dionne, Atlanta

"one thing you told me would happen that just wasn't feasible under any circumstances happened the very next week, and that is just a small part of it! Thanks so much for doing what you do! "Stacie- South Carolina

Thanks so much for your help yesterday. You put me at ease and I went in feeling fine about the test. The preliminary report is that I have nothing to worry about, just as you said. Please remember to put me on your class list! I want to do!
Thanks again!
— Jane, Atlanta
Sally has helped me to transform myself in more ways that I can say!
Joy B. Atlanta
Just wanted to say “thanks so much!” for the fantastic work yesterday!
Today I got a major mending project done, walked 2 miles, did abdominal work and upper body weights, and now preparing to go tango.
My energy level is better...not bouncing off the walls but simply enjoying the day
— Carol, Nashville
Thank you so much for all that you did for me during my healing session.I came to you with a lot of pain and anger and resentment and left with a body and heart filled with love. For the first time since my divorce almost three years ago I no longer feel the pain of that experience and when I think of the past I have no more bad feelings they are gone! Amazing!
Never thought that would heal but after my session with you I am
Free of that pain and those bad memories. I feel like I am connected and whole and complete for the first time in a very long time.
I have never been to an energy healer before but a friend recommended you to me and I am so thankful. I am open to seeing and experiencing God and other spiritual beings now that I was closed off to before your healing. I am also grateful for your being able to see my past problems and the insight you have towards fixing the problems. You are truly a gifted healer from God and I am so glad He put you in my path
— Tammy, Dixon
Sally, I just wanted to say thank you so much. I can not believe the difference I feel since I left the Spirit Fest Saturday. With my husband just up and leaving 5 weeks ago with no warning has really been devastating to me and the kids. Still not to sure on what to do in that situation. Thanks again for the healing!
— Amber, Nashville