Medical Intuitive Session 

Have you tried everything and can't seem to get better? Sometimes what you are trying to fix is not the REAL PROBLEM, it is only a symptom of THE REAL PROBLEM. In this session I only want your name and age no other information about you or what has been going on with you. I want to know only enough about you to "find you" on the earth. I will energetically scan your full body, your timeline, and your thought patterns at a distance so as to point out all the areas that are preventing you from having the health you really want. Remember, I do not diagnose disease or treat specific symptoms.

For this reading,

  • Make sure that you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least an hour and a half.

  • Do not plan any strenuous activity after the reading.

  • You may feel odd sensations during the reading or the energy healing. That is perfectly normal!

  • You may feel unusually sleepy or drained after the reading.

    Make sure that you take care of yourself after the reading. A recording of the call will be emailed to you within 36 hours of the reading provided you are on Zoom or you call me. I will send you my calendar link to schedule the reading when the system notifies me of your order. I will ask you for your name and age. Please give me no other information!

  • I will read you for 5 minutes. If you feel at that time that I am not reading you, then I will end the reading and refund your payment in full.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What will I experience during Sally Reid’s Medical Intuitive Session? As the session progresses, you might experience a tingling or numbness that changes in intensity. Many clients also experience a woozy or disconnected feeling, a feeling that lasts until the session finishes. It is for this reason that Sally recommends her clients find a comfortable position, preferably lying down or sitting down, in a calm and relaxed environment. Oftentimes, clients will also find that pain or discomfort they have been experiencing intensify, before slowly lessening.

  • Why is it that I don’t have to be in person and in front of Sally for these sessions? Medical Intuitive Sessions rely on energy scans. Sally can read your body’s energy systems from anywhere in the world, without ever seeing you. In fact, she or any medical intuitive professional will struggle to read you in person, as energy is felt and being present in person is nothing but a mere distraction. This is also why Sally insists that clients seeking medical intuitive sessions on Skype turn off their cameras.

  • What information will I need to provide for these sessions? Sally only requires your name and age to conduct these sessions. Sally will solely rely on energy scanning to analyze your body and pinpoint what is present. Clients are surprised by how accurately Sally pinpoints problems with their body.

  • Does Sally diagnose symptoms? No. Sally will help you to understand the energetic root causes of any processes that may be distressed or filled with stuck energy so that you can be more aware and able to address the issue so that it is released.

Sally’s reach travels far. I heard about her from a spiritual healer in Cape Town South Africa. I contacted Sally after a car accident for medical healing and not only did she confirm and work on my neck injury over the phone, Sally even told me what was wrong with my car! Spot on! Thanks Sally!
— Shannon R
My experience with Sally was instantly great. I couldn’t believe how quickly we delve right into the Medical Intuitive Reading and how instantly everything she said resonated with me. I’m always pretty skeptic about these experiences, but I was just blown away by her abilities and talent. She confirmed everything that I was thinking. After the reading, I had an Energy Healing session. Definitely recommend one of those if you are feeling like you need a tune up. Was very please by how my body reacted. I’m still feeling good a day later.
— Michael W.

(I AM NOT A DOCTOR!) Typically, I do a cold read for 3 to 5 minutes. If you feel I am not on the right track, we will end the reading and I will return your money. I will help find the root cause of your issue and what the possible change might be. I will never tell you to get off of your medication! (Beware of someone who does) I am very quick to tell you when you need to get to a doctor if you have not seen one. What I do is look for the place in you that is available to change. In this session the pain might get worse before it gets better. You can feel tingly or numbness. You can feel woozy or disconnected  for a bit. You also can feel lighter and more free than you have in years!

Sally is a gift from God. She has helped me heal from a deep emotional wound due to a traumatic experience I had. I was always living with anxiety and was tired of living that way and I couldn’t figure out why. I made an appointment with Sally, she didn’t let me down. She is very compassionate.
— Minni D.