Getting Unstuck

We all get stuck: writer's block, overwhelm of work, too many choices, or indecision can all turn our forward momentum into a crawl. Lately I have noticed a new form of stuck, the one where you have a number of really urgent or important tasks that demand attention, but instead you choose to get into the Facebook timewarp, or watch Netflix....You get the idea. I do it too. What is that about? Well believe it or not, that is a common thing that most mammals do. There are documented instances of mice stopping to groom instead of running from a cat, or people hurting themselves with odd non-productive behavior under stress. This nonsensical behavior is called stereotypic behavior. This is a stress coping behavior. We don't often take it to extremes, but some folks do. This is a clear cry from your body to please turn down the stress. So when you find yourself doing some major avoidance, it is time to look for the root of the stress so that we can focus on relief. 

First, stop and look at what you are doing. Sometimes just getting in the moment will bring some real clarity and help you get things moving in a direction that you wish to go. Next, ask yourself is this what you really want to do right now? Yes, that really works. I am not asking you to shame yourself into action, merely engage your higher organizational skills to think about your big picture. 

Finally, call it what it is. Stress, fear or just being not ready for what might be next. Have a good heart to heart with yourself or a friend. Talk about what might be scaring you and preventing you from doing what you really want. Sometimes, just giving yourself some room to stop and think will be enough to get you into movement again. Something else to think about. Maybe you are stuck because you unconsciously hate what you are forcing yourself to do. If that is the case, respect yourself enough to actively search for a way out of your hole. Find a new source of income quickly, or you will arrange for it to be an emergency. ( like get fired!)

So, be honest with yourself about the stuck feelings. Are they fear, exhaustion, loathing or just plain boredom? Examine the source of those feelings and have a good heart to heart with yourself. The world can look very different from a new perspective.