Fish or Cut Bait? Why we Procrastinate

Procrastinate Much?

Do you find that your actions are not matching your plans? 

yeah, me too!

What is up with that? We all do it. Sometimes we have tons of initiative to get in the game, or suddenly we find so much else to do instead. 

Interestingly, during the course of creating this message, I have had a horrible time writing. I kept finding things that had to be done instead. I must have gotten up 10 times so far. 

So what is procrastination? Backsliding? Weakness? Laziness? How could it be when you are so busy with other things?

What is going on is an incongruence between your conscious mind and your auto pilot mind. I call it auto pilot mind instead of the unconscious mind to remind us that we are the ones that have programmed the thing!

So how do we override our "directives" in this auto pilot mind? 
Here are some simple steps to help you to get out of your programming and create what you really want. 

1. Notice them!
A simple "Hey what are you doing?" out loud might be enough to break the spell. Years back when I was in college shirking my studies by watching "Danger Mouse" one afternoon,(Really! cartoons!) the announcer said "Hey what are you doing wasting time watching TV when you have homework to do?" That was enough to get me off the couch and back to my work. Small, well timed reminders can help. But be nice! No undercutting or cussing out.

2. Find out where, when and why you have resistance.
Ask yourself why, if I really want something am I  holding myself back? There must be some good reason, right? One would hope.

 Here is my example" why are you not writing this? You know you like to write, why not now? Answer, because I am deep down pretty shy and don't like to be scrutinized. By writing I am opening myself to scrutiny. Where does this show up in my body? My stomach, "I can't stomach being criticised." 

3. Now that you know what, address the issue where and when you find it. If my fear of putting things down to be looked at goes back to a time when my 3rd grade teacher embarrassed me by criticising me in front of the whole class, or when in a college writing class I was torn apart by the class.... I will address the area of my body that hurts-- my stomach. You see, find the moment in time where the fear or resistance was created and the place where the fear is held in the body.

4. Release it!
Ways to release are to ask for release, imagine putting the issue in a bubble and releasing, or just by putting it on a paper and burning the paper (therefore giving the issue back to the Universe). Be creative! Find what works for you. The one thing to remember is nothing happens in the past, so let it go. 

If after you go through this exercise and you are still struggling to release things, I am happy to help you to identify and clear whatever else might be getting in your way. 
Here is my online calendar if you need some help.

And...." Hey! What are you doing wasting time reading emails when you have better things to do?"