Are You Being Rolled by Your Changes?

Rolling with the Changes-what are your problems trying to teach you?

How does your life feel? Like a rollercoaster or a bumper car? 

What happens at the carnival is not so much fun in real life. We can feel like we have no control, that life is just hitting us over and over.

Guess what? You ARE in control. These lessons and thrills are yours to learn and embrace. Bear with me on this... I know you are saying "NO WAY I asked for blah blah."
Did you ever think of the setbacks as lessons? Or the uncontrolled motion as a way to learn boundaries or control? These changes are a way for us to learn and grow. Instead of taking away "don't ever talk to Sid again" maybe look and see if you really are to learn to be clear in your words when speaking, or verify that someone understands your meaning, or best yet just speak up! When we look at our bumps as lessons, life stops being about a problems and becomes a classroom that you created. We are not victims of our situation... we created it to learn! So remember, the more you ignore the lesson, or fight against it, the more it shows up in your life. Ever notice the same crap happens over and over..only worse each time? Hint: that's a lesson!

The good news is, as we flex our learning muscles, the lessons become fewer and fewer. There is no reason to teach a lesson already learned. So, stand back and look at the situation as if it is about someone else, not you personally, and look for the REAL information in your problems, and learn your lesson so it won't show up in your life again!

If you are having trouble figuring out what your lesson might be, or you just feel overwhelmed, just make an appointment and I can help you to clear the fog and move on. Visit to book a session with me.