What I Learned about Dying Young

What I Learned about Dying Young

As Jeb was leaving me, he wanted to tell me the things he has learned in his life. They are so simple, so deeply true and profoundly simple. 

1. Even though life is hard, it is still worth living. 

2. Even though people aren't nice to you, you can still be kind. 

3. People are not the color of their skin or clothes or hair, they are the people they are on the inside, their actions and their words. 

Thank you Jeb, I still hold these truths in my life. It is because of your life that my life is so wonderful. 

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Thought of the Moment

My intent for this missive is to give little reminders of peace and compassion in our daily life. I teach many skills, so it is time to take them on the road. 
I will keep it short. 

Thought of the moment: This moment is not about MEIt is about NOW.

What does this mean? Well, it is about not being stuck in the "me show". It is about focusing on what is in front of you and seeing the whole picture, not just making everything about "me". That could show as not having to be right. Or waiting to see what might happen next, rather than pushing and stamping. It could arrive as finding joy in small moments throughout your day. So look at it, play with it and see how it fits into your life today. 

Love and Joy,