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Experience the incredible healing power of energy…

Sally’s clients have long been amazed by the powerful healing that is available when she works with them one on one. Almost miraculous changes occur in their day to day emotional wellbeing, physical health, or even their relationships with others. Those powerful healing changes were the outcome of simple energy healing sessions with Sally. A woman is healed from a lifetime of panic attacks… A little boy is healed when many specialists were unable to help him… A woman is at peace after her painful fibroids resolved… A man who suffered a stroke is able to move his hand again… All that healing power is now available to you on an ongoing basis by joining the Live Energy Healing Group.

Have you felt that nowhere you turn or nothing you do will help you? Have you seen specialists or tried medicines that don’t help you? The problems may not be purely physical. Sally uses the power of universal energy to affect changes in your energetic systems that create powerful effects in the physical word. This live healing is done twice per month in a webinar style broadcast. You are encouraged to join live so that Sally may connect with your unique needs in the moment, but if you are not able to join, all of the events are recorded and archived in a special membership area. All of this healing is offered at the shockingly low price of $40/month.

When you join the group you will also get access to all of the archives of past live healing broadcasts. The energy is not lost, but captured digitally where you may receive all of the benefits of the the live healing. As long as you are a member in good standing, you will have access to all of the recorded healing! If you are interested in joining this group and getting access to the incredible healing energy that is offered by Sally twice per month in live broadcasts, please click the button below.