Discovering what is possible is the first step to lasting


Are you feeling that there must be more to your life... but you feel frustrated?


Are you sick of feeling physical issues that doctors aren't helping?




So stop living with them!

Uncover the root cause of your pain, then clear it for good,

 so you can become the true you. 

Imagine your life when you are free to be your true self.

When any physical pain

or intrusive thoughts

and untrue beliefs

that stop you from being

the incredible person you should be

are erased from your body.  


 Think of the energy field as our personal template the mirrors 

what is happening in our physical bodies.


Any distortion, blockages or imbalances in your field of energy

will eventually negatively impact you physically, mentally or spiritually.


 Imagine creating the lifelong habits that will guarantee

your vibrant health and success.


Did you know that process is unusually simple and effective?


With the deep quantum energy work

that you will experience working with me,

Shifts come amazingly fast.




You can feel it happening...

The stuff you have been hiding from yourself that's proven 

resistant to everything you've tried before-- 

being erased energetically!

This work is instantly deep... and instantly effective--

allowing you to become what you were born to be, do, or have. 

Stop wasting time being in pain.

Let's coach you to your truth.

Hello, I'm Sally

I work with people who are searching for the missing link. 

My gift is to bring clarity and healing into my client's lives. I specialize in helping people who think they have hit  wall. Let's find the answer together.  My  greatest hope is that I work myself out of a job-- and that you are empowered, engaged, and enthusiastic about your life again. All issues have an origin. Let's find yours and get it gone. 

Find the Root Cause

I have a unique ability to see through space and time to the very beginning of your issues.​

What that means for you is that working with me gets results incredibly fast. Once we find the root of your issues, just like a gardener, I help you to weed it from your world.

By interacting with the energy at the quantum level, (since everything is energy,) you will see very rapid change in your life. When things change at the quantum level, they soon change on the physical level.  Sometimes in mere moments. 

Connecting with your energy at the quantum level allows for effortless clearing of stuck thoughts, memories, rules, and behavior. In the world of Quantum Physics the rules are wide open.


Your body is reflecting your energy field. It is speaking to you through physical pain or emotional discomfort. 


I look into your personal field and tell you exactly what I see. Your body knows your truth. I will help you understand what it is saying to you.

Healing doesn't have to be hard or take forever!

Simply speaking, everything is energy. We are energy; our bodies, our surroundings, our emotions, our food, our intentions, words and thoughts are energy. When we interact with the energy that is causing your problems, things change---fast! 

Here is a sample of the series Channeled Answers from the Guides.You can subscribe to the YouTube Channel hereL 

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What Are People Saying?

"Sally was able to give me insight to my life, that I would have never been able to discover without her. She has helped me understand the events that have transpired throughout my life to bring me to the point where I am now. In doing this I have gained acceptance for my past and my present. She has cleared away many stumbling blocks for me, and has unlocked my positive attributes to get me on a much healthier path. I walk with a new confidence. I would have been able to get to this place without her."


Jane K from Los Angeles, CA

"My experience with Sally was instantly great. I couldn’t believe  how instantly everything she said resonated with me. I’m always pretty skeptical about these experiences, but I was just blown away by her abilities and talent. She confirmed everything that I was thinking. Definitely recommend Sally. Was very pleased by how my body reacted to the healing and I am still feeling good days later."


John from Nashville, TN


"Sally Reid is a special gift to this world!
She has a way of communicating and expressing her talents unlike anything I have ever experienced. She gave me closure and guidance but most of all confidence in her abilities.
Sally thank you for such a wonderful experience! "


Cory C. from Salt Lake City,  Utah

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