This is healing, coaching, counseling or what ever comes up that might be needed to be pain-free fast. In a group setting you will get very targeted help that benefits the group. Let’s get you back on track and moving towards what you really want and where you really want to be. Get the traction you need to get you feeling good in a hurry. This group is for getting turbo results! You don’t have to be in pain anymore. Let’s get to the bottom of it fast! This program is combined with a Medical Intuitive Reading for comprehensive and targeted healing.

In a group session, you can benefit from the healing of everybody. Bonding and sharing is half the fun! If you find that you just can’t seem to find a way out of the mire, or feel paralyzed, stuck, overwhelmed, and feel like everything you have tried in the past has failed, then this is your best option. If you feel like nobody understands you, then this is the place for you! If you feel like your mind is out of control with worry or anxiety, if you have autoimmune physical issues, or chronic pain, this is where we can unlock the true causes. You can expect to really go deep and finally get the outcomes your heart has been dreaming of for so long. Book a call to find out more!


Working with Sally... When the energy is released you feel a shift immediately. Old, stuck beliefs vanish and a lightness comes over you. As you peel away the layers of the energy onion, each pain is easier to face knowing healing will come ❤️
— Judith-Nashville
Just wanted to thank you for the session I had with you. You were very helpful and the lump that was in my breast basically disappeared in a week or so after I met with you!!! I’m still amazed and thankful for that. You’re a special person with such a gift💗
Take care, ”
— Kristen D. Nashville, TN

Live Healing Online Group

This is an affordable membership offering designed to boost what ever healing practices you are already doing. You get access to my healing energy twice a month plus bonus content and the ability to ask questions and get them answered live. Join or find out more here: Live Healing Online Membership