Medical Intuitive Session 

Been to the Doctor over and over and can't seem to get better? Sometimes Doctors can't see that the issue is not the issue, it is only a symptom of something else. This is the type of session where I only want your name and age.   In this session, I want to know only enough about you to "find you" on the earth. I will scan your body at a distance energetically and point out all the areas that seem "different" from normal. I am not able to do this type of session in person because I can see you. If we do this session on skype, turn off your camera for the first 5 minutes. I do not diagnose disease, or treat specific symptoms.

Sally’s reach travels far. I heard about her from a spiritual healer in Cape Town South Africa. I contacted Sally after a car accident for medical healing and not only did she confirm and work on my neck injury over the phone, Sally even told me what was wrong with my car! Spot on! Thanks Sally!
— Shannon Bamber Rouse
My experience with Sally was instantly great. I couldn’t believe how quickly we delve right into the Medical Intuitive Reading and how instantly everything she said resonated with me. I’m always pretty skeptic about these experiences, but I was just blown away by her abilities and talent. She confirmed everything that I was thinking. After the reading, I had an Energy Healing session. Definitely recommend one of those if you are feeling like you need a tune up. Was very please by how my body reacted. I’m still feeling good a day later.

(I AM NOT A DOCTOR!) Typically, I do a cold read for 3 to 5 minutes. If you feel I am not on the right track, we will end the reading and I will return your money. I will help find the root cause of your issue and what the possible change might be. I will never tell you to get off of your medication! (Beware of someone who does) I am very quick to tell you when you need to get to a doctor if you have not seen one. What I do is look for the place in you that is available to change. In this session the pain might get worse before it gets better. You can feel tingly or numbness. You can feel woozy or disconnected  for a bit. You also can feel lighter and more free than you have in years!

Sally is a gift from God. She has helped me heal from a deep emotional wound due to a traumatic experience I had. I was always living with anxiety and was tired of living that way and I couldn’t figure out why. I made an appointment with Sally, she didn’t let me down. She is very compassionate.