I work with people who want to reach their highest potential on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level by tapping into their energetic history and helping them to delete the things that no longer serve them.  I help people heal from physical or emotional challenges that might now seem impossible to overcome. This allows clarity, focus, so they feel powerful and in control. I use the power of Quantum Energy Healing combined with proven coaching techniques to get you where you want to be fast! Click Here to Schedule your free consultation for any of my coaching or healing services (EXCEPT MEDICAL INTUITIVE READINGS).

Private Sessions With Sally

This is healing, coaching, counseling or what ever comes up that might be needed. In private sessions you will get very targeted help. Let’s get you back on track and moving towards what you really want and where you really want to be. Private sessions will get you the traction you need to get you feeling good in a hurry. Private sessions are like getting turbo results! These sessions can be combined with a Medical Intuitive Reading for comprehensive and targeted healing.

Working with Sally... When the energy is released you feel a shift immediately. Old, stuck beliefs vanish and a lightness comes over you. As you peel away the layers of the energy onion, each pain is easier to face knowing healing will come ❤️
— Judith-Nashville

Blissful Life Academy

This is a 24 week long program designed exclusively for naturally intuitive women to provide coaching, healing, and connection with other like minded ladies. In this program you will learn how to re-align yourself with your truth and become the person you always wished you could be. You will learn all the energy healing tips and tricks that I use so you can use them on yourself to heal. By application only.

Just wanted to thank you for the session I had with you. You were very helpful and the lump that was in my breast basically disappeared in a week or so after I met with you!!! I’m still amazed and thankful for that. You’re a special person with such a gift💗
Take care, ”
— Kristen D. Nashville, TN

Medical Intuitive Readings

This is a full body energy scan done with no previous knowledge of you or your issues. Please, if you are interested in a reading combined with another service, don’t say anything about yourself if you contact me or speak with me!

Live Healing Subscription (Coming Soon!)

Join Sally live with bimonthly energy healing sessions via the internet. This is a powerful stand-alone healing package that will surely boost you toward the health that you are seeking. This is a perfect way to augment a self-directed healing journey. You will be able to receive just what you need from these sessions so you can create what might be possible for you.