How to Book a Session

I have an online purchasing and scheduling system. It is easy for you to change or cancel your booked session. If you have a problem or do not feel comfortable with the online scheduler, you may email me on the form below, or text me at 615-669-1450. 

All of my sessions are pre-paid. I find that dealing with money during a session is very distracting for me in the higher consciousness state in which I need to be to work. There is so much energy in the room, most electronics don't function for me.  In fact, the last time I tried to take a Credit Card, my phone refused to function! 

I breezed through the day and had a great sleep last night. Thank you!
— Judy B., Bermuda

For clearing and release of energetic blocks, one session is rarely enough to break a long-standing issue. I have also found that certain clearing work must be done before the "real change" work can happen.

If you get a single session you will feel great because of the clearing, but the real cause will still be in place. 

Sally Reid is a special gift to this world!
She has a way of communicating and expressing her talents unlike anything I have ever experienced. She gave me closure and guidance but most of all confidence in her abilities.
Sally thank you for such a wonderful experience!
— Cory C, Utah 2017

Hey, you didn't get like this instantly and chances are you won't get it gone in one session either. ( Although I have seen it happen!) The issue  could resurface in another form after a few weeks or months. If you book then, I will have to clear again and not change the real pattern again, and so on. I found that it was a waste of money for my clients. To get the best results, clients find a block of sessions with a clearly understood direction as the fastest and most cost effective way to fully clear an issue. 

I offer only a limited number of sessions per week. If you have questions about my work or methods, feel free to email me a question.  

 Cancellation Policy: A refund will be given with a 24 hour notice of cancellation.  If you miss your session, I will not offer a refund, but I will give you one rescheduled session. 

If you are not sure which session you would like, that is fine. I just would rather I have no information prior to a medical intuitive session.   


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