After a Session

People can feel a whole range of feelings after a session. Your body has had an experience that your brain has a hard time tracking. People have reported a wide range of occurrences just after and in the days following a session. Some people report being very sleepy or tired, some exhilarated. People can feel uncomfortable feelings for a day or so or sometimes even a week after the session. We have stirred up the buried issues and it can be very uncomfortable. Some people report muscle aches-- an Epsom salt bath will help relieve the pain. Most people notice a lightness, a freedom in their way of thinking or moving. Their bodies are looser and more free. Their thoughts are not so dark and dismal. Some may find the change can be huge, others not so much. The change is very subtle over time. Every person has their own experience. How your body reacts may not be the same each time! Know that this is a time of change, of opening to what might be possible. Look for what is new, what shows up differently than it has, or if it is the same, look how you may react to it in a new way.